© 2019 Yvonne Jongeling 

Yvonne Jongeling creates risky multi-media artworks based on her journaled memories. Her current work is a series of mixed-media squares on canvas that describe these reconfigured moments.


Sculpted waffles, a baby’s face and the Home Depot logo are some of the everyday topics that she makes dynamic, layering them with underlying concerns of female identity, art history, sexuality, consumerism, and the polarities of chaotic events in an otherwise-tranquil life.


Juxtaposing painting, sculpture, and collage mediums ranging from acrylic to plumbing hardware to lollipops, Jongeling leaves viewers to conjure their own meanings, memories, and mental images.


Furthermore, you will find Color Vibration Explorations, complementing Jongeling's Moments Artworks.


Yvonne Jongeling has exhibited at the Palos Verdes Art Center, El Pueblo Gallery, Pasadena Public Library, South Bay Contemporary, USU Art Gallery – CSULB, and The Armory Center for the Arts. She holds a Masters in Drawing and Painting from Cal State Long Beach, and is a past winner of the Circle Award. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.